Brother & Sister Voice Over Team 


National Broadcast & Animation Credits

Lila Sage Bromley, Kid VO - Lila Sage Bromley

Lila Sage, 12

Real & Sweet

As the oldest, Lila would play with Mom in the studio, babbling into the mic when Jonah was just in diapers. Jen recognized that Lila had good timing, an impressive ear, and quite a vocabulary. Together, they made her first VO demo at age 3.


Soon after, she booked a professional VO job for Saskatchewan Foster Families--a mouthful for a 3 year old! Ever since, her vocabulary and client list have steadily grown.

At age 12 she has ticked some impressive boxes:


  •  Super Bowl  commercial (for Coca-Cola)

  • Oscar winning animated feature film (she voiced Harmony in  Toy Story 4)

  • Nominated for a SOVAS Voice Arts Award in 2020

Lila is a total pro behind the mic and takes direction like a dream. She's playful & sweet but has a depth and emotional accessibility for more introspective pieces as well. 

Past clients include:  Disney Pixar, Coca-Cola, Nestle Pure Life, Target, Humana, Google, V-Tech, Johnson & Johnson BAND-AID Brand,  BRIO World, Badanamu Playschool, Cloudburst Games, March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Stanford Childrens Hospital, Toys R Us, Hasbro for Play-Doh, Shriners Childrens Hospital, Annie's Homegrown, Union Pacific, Google, Oregon Aquarium,, Raytheon Technologies, Con Edison, and many more.


Following in his sister's footsteps, Jonah is the sassy to Lila's sweet. He's playful and spontaneous (he had the production team cracking up during his first directed VO session, flirting with the director and making...strong choices.)


But like his big sister, he takes direction like a pro, and even at 9 yo, he can access the emotion and deliver serious copy with authenticity. He's been at it only a few years but already has animation, web, and commercial credits.

Jonah, 9

Fearless & Playful

Jonah Bromley Kid VO Demo - Jonah Bromley

With the innocence of a child, Jonah brings it all to the booth.  Guaranteed to charm.

Past clients include: Lego, V-tech, Nintendo, Kelloggs, P&G, Duracell, General Mills, The Denver Zoo, Xavier Riddle, Unilever, Dole, Nintendo, The Adventures of Mina & Jack, Plum Organics, Thyssen, Ashley Furniture, Staples, Macy's, JCPenney, GoGo Squeeze, Dole, PBS Kids Xavier Riddle, and many more.


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Jennifer Knight - Commercial Demo


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